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Wednesday, October 3, 2012


As Salam Kak, testimoni after pakai JSD, after 3 days i just found a little residue from the jamu and some whitish chalk like powder from my vagina not as much "alien" like from other users testimoni. MV really help the itch alot although it took about 3 days for the itch to subside.
 FW help even more but MIK not so much la kak.. Is it we must use few bottles to see the difference?? The deep heat lotion really work wonders!!! Memang la panas sampai 12 jam lain daripada product yg lain. Its really reAlly AMazingly AWESOME!!!! My stools become very heavy and alot and i pass motion at least 4 kali satu hari different from before once a day sometimes 3 days once tu pun sikit macam taik kambing!!! So deep heat lotion is really No1. But im a little bit disapointed that im not able to continue eating the jamu bcos JAD is out of stock n i was not advise what to continue with after that.. But overall JPD really made a difference with my vagina masa nak dig out the residue my vagina was so very tight. i was amazed. I couldnt blive it myself until my husband say takut koyak pulak!! Hahaha!! Thank you so much Kak yu and Ms Honeydew and family!!!

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