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Friday, October 26, 2012

Chicco Relax & Play Colours Cot Mobile


Relax&Play Colours Cot Mobile is the first mobile for playing, sleeping, dreaming. 

Its elves have been studied following indications from the Chicco Colors Research. During the firsts 15 days of its life, the newborn distinguishes the green elf colour contrasts. After the first months its eyes will start to perceive the red elf also. After the fourth month, baby can see weaker contrasts like yellow for example. 

The Cot Mobile relaxes and entertains baby thanks to its 2 modes of operation

Relax is in the lights and in the music.Warm and suffused lights, pleasant and relaxing music...the Colors Cot Mobile musical console sweetly accompanies baby to sleep. 

Play is in the colours and movement. The coloured elves rotate slowly, the baby observes them with curiosity. As the baby grows up, it will amuse itself in discovering the colours, seeing the elves circle and following the absorbing classical music melodies. 

The musical console can be separated and used after 6 months.Hide


Ideal for a newborn baby.

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